Sunday, August 05, 2007


Tomorrow's Sunday (actually today. It's already 3.45 in the morning) and i hope i can get up early enough to attend the morning Service at Ashraya. Its a church we've been going to lately. The people there are very nice especially Mike, the pastor. The service is usually over by 1pm.

If I can't make it there I'll probably just head straight for Egmore at around 3 pm. There's a Mizo Church service there. Some 70-80 Mizos usually attend the meeting. Its not like a normal church which belongs to a particular denomination, but the members are Baptists, Catholics, Penticostal Church members, Presbyterians, Seventh Day Adventists... And its because of this that the pastors (who are mainly Presbyterians and Avdentists) can't administer (i don't know if administer is the right word) the Eucharist.

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