Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ropeway by the Lake

Yesterday, me and my friends went to pick up my cousin from boarding school. She had just finished her board exams. So on the way home I thought it'd be great to visit an amusement park about half an hour from Chennai.
Queensland Ropeway
It was already 4:30 pm when we got to Queensland Amusement Park. I had been here a couple of years back so I knew it was famous for its water rides. But unfortunately all water activities were closed by 4:30 (except for the boat ride). So we had to make do with things like roller coasters and bumper cars.
The guides there advised us to first take the ropeway that went all the way from one end of the park to the other. We figured we just didn't have the time so we took the boat ride instead.
Queensland Lake and Ropeway
As I said I've been there before, I know how different and great it was to see the whole amusement park from above. Too bad we didn't have the time. The guys would've liked it...
... from above, everyone underneath: like busy ants under the setting sun. Too bad they missed it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Loyola College Church

Christ the King Church (better known as the Loyola College Church) was designed by an Indian architect named S.A. Gnanaprakasam Pillai and construction was completed in 1933.
The church is located at the centre of the Loyola College campus in Chennai. Because of its Gothic style architecture - the pointed arches, the ribbed vaults, rose windows, three-aisle naves and the flying buttresses it stands out from the other churches in Chennai.
The spire of the building reaches to an incredible height of 157 feet from the ground. The church building occupies an area of 9,000 sq ft, with the length and breadth 150 ft & 60 ft respectively.