Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Two Crocodiles in Love?


...or just a mother and her offspring?

(Photo taken at the Crocodile Park, Madras)


  1. Alligator a ni lo maw tiang hi? Beautiful pic indeed.

  2. @illusionaire, ka chiang bik lo. Thla ka lak lai khan en nachang ka lo hre lo atin ni. A snout hi a sin em a, crocodile aniang ka ti mai. Anyway, thanks for the compliment.

  3. A nalh khawp mai. Croc chu a ni e. Indian gharial Gavialis gangeticus (Gmelin,1789)a ni e. A pian dangdai avang hian an thlahtu pawh chhui a hlawh hle. Anyway turtle hian a thik a ni lo maw :)

  4. @vana, a lawmawm khawp mai, a scientific name te thleng thlengin kan hriat phah a.

    A lian zawk hian satel (sumsi) tereuhte pakhat (not in pic) a delh char char a, a thaw a chham ang tih ka lo hlauhthawn pui lutuk a!

  5. Hi there... i was just reading a certain post in and i came across your comment.. man i couldn't agree with you more!!! guess it's all boiling down to godliness as a means of financial gain .....nice photo blog you got in here.. cheers..