Saturday, August 29, 2009


When you think about Goa, you think about sun, sand and surf. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who've been to Goa and testify that when it comes to sunny beaches, there's nowhere in India you can compare it to.

I agree.

There's everything for everyone: crowded beaches with lots of tourists enjoying the beach, seaside restaurants where you can have freshly caught fish with some beer while watching the sun set in the horizon, lots of shops where you can try out your bargaining skills and a whole lot more of other stuff you have to experience it for yourself.

A friend walking at the beach

But what many people don't know about Goa is its rich colonial history. Portuguese to be precise. Even today you can still find traces of Portuguese influence in many things like their buildings, culture and religion.

You can find forts and churches built by the Portuguese still standing today. You can visit Old Goa and walk the narrow streets and experience what it would have been like years ago.

Aguada Fortress

One of the things I enjoyed the most in Goa was watching the sun set in the horizon. There would be a dozen fishing boats which I imagined would be returning from their last trip out into the sea, bringing their catch back to the shore where people would throng around to buy the freshly caught fish.


Panaje, the capital is also worth visiting. You can take boat cruises at around six in the evening where they play some live music and watch prefessional dancers performing their local dances.

Panaje, Goa

If you're planning to go there, the tourist season starts from late September to mid March. Thats the best time to visit Goa, but be prepared for accommodation prices to go up.

Waterfall by the railroad

You can even enjoy the scenic views on your way to Goa. But thats just a side attraction. Once you get there you'll forget everything else. Its one of the places in India you have to visit. Young or old you won't regret it.

I know I didn't.

Dogs at the beach


  1. thiana, a nawm hmel khawp mai.. Min thlim lo phei ula chuan ka kal ve tur nia !!! hehe

  2. i hmang nawm hmel khawp mai. Pic te pawh a nalh eh. Nice.

  3. Goa te ilo kal leh hman toh alo..i blog ah hian thu te lo ziak ve cin la..POEM ah poh i ril hle kha lol

  4. Goa hi ka la kal miah lo, a nuam an ti tih chauh ka hre thin a, hei i pic hmuh phei chuan kal a chakawm leh zual.

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