Monday, September 15, 2008

Train to Hyderabad

Last Friday was like any other day in September - the weather was pleasant enough, since it had rained a few hours before, and the sun was already low when we boarded the train at Egmore Station.

We left Chennai at about 5:00 pm and were heading for Hyderabad. I was sitting in the train with my friend. There was nothing much to do apart from keeping up the conversation. After a while we got silent. I had forgotten to charge my ipod so the battery didn't last long. The only thing left was to enjoy the view of the countryside as the train passed by.

Maybe the last fishing trip for the day

I have to admit I was quite apprehensive about the journey. But it turned out to be better than I had ever imagined. The sun set slowly in the west as we passed by different places, different people who were doing their daily chores and livelyhoods. The reflection of the setting sun on the numerous lakes were simply magnificent.

Some industry we passed by

I began taking pictures when, just then, the unthinkable happened: the camera went black. I had forgotten to charge my camera... again. But nevertheless, I did manage to take some photos.

Standing tall and mighty

The morning after, we finally reached Hyderabad. I promised myself that next time I would be ready. Next time I'll have an extra pair of batteries.


  1. Lovely photographs indeed!!! Very professional too, the way you took them and edited them. Reminds me of all the train journeys I used to take back in school.

  2. Eh! Train.. a ri ringot pawn lung a ti leng. I pictures ho hi a mawi khawp mai. Really!

  3. Nice pics..batari down chunga lakah chuan a nalh pawl tak aniang :P

  4. Tete, you really nail it again!

    I am so proud of you... You have the talent dude...

    Eng tik emaw ah, hmai chhan ngeiin tiang vel hi kan la sawi leh em ang chu maw tirooo... Have a great time in Hyderabad